Oceana Rental Program

Why Oceana Resorts?

  1. Dedicated owner representatives
  2. Multimillion dollar advertising budget
  3. Walk in reservations – 24 hours a day
  4. On-site housekeeping
  5. On-site maintenance
  6. Loyal and sizable guest database
  7. Unlimited owner reservations
  8. Owner incentive program
  9. Amazing resorts staffed by amazing people
  10. Oceana Resorts is Your Place in the Fun™

Rental Program Checklist

Read, sign and return the Oceana Resorts rental management agreement to your representative
Read, sign and return the Oceana Resorts optional agreement
Complete and return the Direct Deposit and W9 forms
Provide a copy of the HUD Settlement Statement from your purchase of the unit
Meet with your representative to learn about the benefits and opportunities of being with Oceana Resorts