Awakening Spa Services

A selection of the services provided by The Awakening Spa are shown below. Customized packages are available to cater to your specific needs. You will be provided a robe and sandals to wear as spa apparel during your visit.

Call 843.213.5370 or visit our Online Reservation page to make an appointment.

The Awakening Spa Brochure

Awakening Spa Brochure

Our brochure includes more detailed information about The Awakening Spa location, services, and appointment information. You can download a high quality .PDF for free to review before you travel or to share with friends!

Click here to download our Awakening Spa Brochure in .PDF format.

Massage Therapy

The Awakening Spa Hot Stone Massage

Awakening Swedish Massage

  • A relaxing and rejuvenating massage with light pressure.
  • $100 – 1 hr

Hot Stone Massage

  • Helps to aid in healing the joints while using warm heated stones throughout your customized massage.
  • $135 – 1 hr

Aromatherapy Massage

  • Your choice of essential oils that are used for healing purposes during your massage with relaxing strokes. This is a multi-sensory experience.
  • $120 – 1 hr

Deep Tissue Massage

  • An intense massage to aid in the healing of stressed or tight muscles.
  • $120 – 1 hr

Sports Extra Massage

  • An intense massage with deep strokes and manipulation developed with the athlete in mind.
  • $200 – 1.5 hr

Pregnancy Massage

  • Helps relieve sore tired legs and feet, as well as take pressure off the lower back to help induce a state of relaxation and a good nights sleep.
  • Not recommended before the 2nd trimester.
  • $90 – 1 hr

Neck, Back and Shoulder Massage

  • When you need a quick 30 minutes of relief from stress, this is the perfect solution
  • $100 – 30 min

A 15% service fee is added to all massage therapy

Body Treatments

The Awakening Spa Body Treatments
All Body Treatments are provided under a vichy shower. Please do not shave 24 hours prior to services.

Sunless Tanning

  • Receive a sunless glow from head to toe without fumes or harsh chemicals. This treatment will not stain your clothes or sheets.
  • Best performed before you retire for the night
  • $65 – 45 min

Body Polish

  • Removes dead, dry skin and visibly improves your skin’s texture.
  • $65

Awakening French Green Sea Mud Body Wrap

  • Begin with a body exfoliation with our Foaming Skin Refiner to eliminate dead, dry skin. Next, your skin is drenched in our Sea Green Mud and Cellulite Sea Weed from Hawaii to help restore the skin’s elasticity and diminish the effects of cellulite.
  • $250 – 1 hr

Skin Care

The Awakening Spa Skin Care & Facial Services

Awakening His Best Skin Facial

  • Designed for men who want more than just a great shave. Help to restore elasticity and firmness to your skin.
  • $80

Awakening Skin Recovery Facial for Her Best Skin

  • Help to recover youthfulness in half the time while using a Crystal Clarity Microdermabrasion Creme.
  • $125

Spa Teen Facial for His and Her Best Skin

  • Help to treat oily and dry skin. Great for combination skin. HBS Pure & Simple cleansing lotion is used and all products are plant based and drug free.
  • $90

Ultra-Gentle Facial for Sensitive Skin

  • For mature dehydrated skin. A complete facial without irritating sulfates, emulsifiers, preservatives, colorants, fragrance or harsh alcohols.
  • $125

Visibly Clear Skin

  • Control break-outs before they become a problem with this drug free, plant-based treatment. Helps keep bacteria in check naturally and calms signs of redness and irritation.
  • $90

Detox Treatments

Ion Cleansing

  • 15 min – $25
  • 30 min – $45

Herbal Mineral Bath

  • Helps heal, detoxify, balance and protect the skin.
  • $55

Crystal Therapy

  • A quartz crystal is used to release negative patterns, allowing the physical body to return to a state of wholeness.
  • $50


The Awakening Spa Couple's Package

Couples Massage

  • Begin with a Mineral Bath together to help loosen and relax your muscles prior to your one hour massage, side by side, in our couples suite. After your massage together, retreat back to our Infra-Red Sauna room to help boost your immune system.
  • $250 – 3 hr

The Ultimate Balance

  • Begin with a Scalp Treatment of warm essential oil slowly poured over your forehead (crown chakra) and then gently massaged into your scalp. Next, receive a Crystal Therapy to help you relax and balance your body’s energy centers. This will leave you in a state of pure relaxation and clarity of mind.
  • $100

Neck, Back and Shoulder Hydrotherapy Release

  • Enjoy the calming effects of soft acupressure jets while privately soaking in our sea salts bath to help relieve the stress in your joints and relax the muscles in your neck, back and shoulders. Afterward, you will be whisked away for a 30 minute massage.
  • $110

True Sensory Experience

  • Experience the NEW Skin Saver while we remove dead, dry skin from head to toe. We begin with a skin exfoliation with our HBS Foaming Refiner to help eliminate dry skin before we apply a French Green Sea Mud to help eliminate impurities and provide you with smoother, younger looking skin.
  • $250

We can customize the perfect spa package for you! Personalized spa packages available upon request.

The Awakening Spa is located on the fourth floor of Anderson Ocean Club & Spa

2600 North Ocean Blvd, Myrtle Beach, South Carolina 29577 | 843.213.5370 |